Vorschau zur Auktion 74: Abteilung Naturwissenschaften und Technik

PAPIN, D., A New Digester or Engine for Softning Bones, Containing the Description of its Make and Use in these Particulars. – A Continuation of the New Digester of Bones. 2 Tle. in einem Bd. London, J. M. für Henry Bonwicke (Continuation: London, Streater), 1681-87. 4°. Mit 3 gefalt. Kupfertafeln. 3 Bl., 54 S., 4 Bl., 123 S. Ldr. d. 19. Jhdts. unter Verwendung alten Materials für die Deckel.

9.000,- €

Wing P 309 und 308. Honeyman 2400. Vicaire 653 (nur das Grundwerk). Bitting 355, Anm. – „In Boyle’s scientific household Papin also invented a safety valve that was to be technologically important in the development of steam power“ (DSB X, 292). – „The second part contains the germ of the modern system of pneumatic transmission of power“ (Honeyman). – Aus dem Besitz des Dubliner Arztes Thomas Molyneux (gest. 1733) mit hs. Besitzvermerk auf Seite (1) des Grundwerkes und gestoch. Wappen-Exlibris. – From the possession of the Dublin physician Thomas Molyneux (deceased 1733) with ownership entry on page (1) of the main work and engraved armorial exlibris. – With the rare second part. – Calf of the 19th century by using old material for the covers (scratched).

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