Praktische Anweisung zur Pastellmahlerey. Nürnberg, Weigel, 1762. 4º. Mit 6 (3 kolor.) Kupfertafeln. 4 Bl., 134 S., 1 Bl. Läd. Pp. d. Zt. (77)
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Erste Ausgabe. – Thieme/Becker XV, 203. – "An early and comprehensive guide to pastel painting, or how to paint with dry pigments on vellum with the help of the finger tips. A second edition appeared in 1792. The book has 82 color specimens on two folding plates, each representing the contents of a paint box available from the author, who himself was a manufacturer of pastel colors and worked as an engraver and pastel painter in Nuremberg. In the first part of the book he discusses various equipments and in the second part the mixing of colors for various purposes with reference to the color-schemes. A short supplement reveals a new invention – the art of painting with wax colors invented by Tobias Mayer, professor of mathematics in Gottingen. The invention of pastel has frequently been accredited to Johann Alexander Thiele (1685-1752), landscape painter and etcher, as well as to Mme Vemerin and Mlle Heid (1688-1753) both of Danzig. But the claim cannot be sustained, as drawing in colored chalks had been practiced long before. Guenter’s Practische Anweisung certainly is one of the earliest among the books on the subject" (Hagelin, The Art of Writing and Drawing, 214). – Vorsatz mit Besitzvermerk, Titel verso mit Widmung von 1940, Tafeln am Innensteg außerhalb der Darstellung mit kleiner Wurmspur, leicht gebräunt, gering fleckig.