375: MOIVRE, A. (DE),

La dottrina degli azzardi applicata ai problemi della probabilità della vita, delle pensioni vitalizie, reversioni, tontine, ec. Mailand, Galeazzi, 1776. 4 Bl., LXVIII, 195 S. Restauriertes Hldr. d. Zt. (8)
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Erste italienische Ausgabe. – Vgl. DSB IX, 452 ff: "Also included in ‚The Doctrine of Chances‘ are great advances in problems concerning the duration of play; a clearer formulation of combinatorial problems about chances; the use of difference equations and their solutions using recurring series; and, as illustrated by the work on the normal approximation, the use of generating functions, which by the time of Laplace, came to play a fundamental role in probability mathematics." – Gering gebräunt und etw. fleckig.

NACHGEB.: GAETA, R., Lettera al Signor abate D. Paolo Frisi. Intorno a ciò, ch’egli asserisce nel tomo I. delle sue opere parlando della dottrina degli azzardi. Venedig, Coleti, 1783. 22 S., 1 Bl. – Riccardi I/1, 498. – Am Ende mit Wurmspur im unteren Rand. – Beide Werke gering fleckig und wurmspurig (kein Textverlust).