Hydrodynamica, sive de viribus et motibus fluidorum commentarii. Straßburg, Dulsecker, 1738. 4º. Mit gestoch. Titelvign., gestoch. Kopfvign. und 12 gefalt. Kupfertafeln. 4 Bl., 304 S. Mod. Pgt. mit Rsch. (55)
Schätzpreis: 4.800,- €

Erste Ausgabe. – VD 18 15021823-001. Poggendorff I, 160. Roller/Goodman I, 106. DSB II, 39. Timoshenko 27. Sotheran 350. Honeyman 290. Libri rari 35. Norman 215. Roberts/Trent 34. PMM 179. – "Bernoulli’s most famous work, the ‚Hydrodynamica‘ is a milestone in the study of the flow of fluids. In this work he established the ‚Bernoulli Principle‘ that as the velocity of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases. This work also surveys hydrodynamics and hydrostatics, and considers the nature of heat, elastic fluids, man’s ability to perform work, as well as hydraulic machinery, kinetic theory of gases, and jet propulsion. Of particular interest are his critical observations on his father’s theories" (Roberts/Trent). – Titel mit angerändertem Ausriß (minimaler Bildverlust), tls. wasserrandig, leicht fleckig und etw. gebräunt.

First edition. – Title with backed tear-out at right margin; waterstained, browned and soiled. – Modern vellum.