1388: FLAMSTEED, (J.),

Atlas céleste. Publié en 1776, par J. Fortin. 3. éd. 4º. Paris, Lamarche, 1795. Mit 30 doppelblattgr. gestoch. Himmelskarten. IX, 47 S. Mod. Hldr. (108)
Schätzpreis: 2.500,- €

Lalande 632-633. – Vgl. Poggendorff I, 758. DSB V, 26. – Zweite von Fortin vermehrte und korrigierte, insgesamt dritte französische Ausgabe von Flamsteeds berühmtem "Atlas coelestis", der postum erstmals 1729 in London mit 28 Karten veröffentlicht worden ist. "It is unclear why Fortin was commissioned to produce a revised edition of Flamsteed’s atlas in France, but the enterprise was very successful. The resulting Atlas Celeste de Flamsteed … was first published in 1776 (and labeled the second edition of Flamsteed’s original) and again in 1795 (labeled the third edition). Both used smaller re-engravings of Flamsteed’s plates, which were about one third the original size. As in the original, the perspective was geocentric, the constellation figures were seen from the front, and a sinusoidal or Sanson-Flamsteed projection was used" (N. Kanas, Star Maps, Berlin u. a. 2007, S. 176). – Etw. gebräunt und fleckig.

Second edition of Flamsteed’s famous "Atlas coelestis", increased and corrected by Fortin, altogether third French edition, first published posthumously at London in 1729 with 28 maps. – A little browned and soiled. – Modern half calf.