1048: AMERIKA – GAGE, TH.,

Neue merckwürdige Reise-Beschreibung nach Neu Spanien. Leipzig, Kloß, 1693. 4º. Mit gestoch. Frontisp. 3 Bl., 471 S. Mod. Pgt. mit Rtit. (141)
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Seltene erste deutsche Ausgabe. – VD 17 39:131523M. Sabin 26309. Palau 96487. Alden/Landis 693/83. Mueller 87. – Detailreicher Bericht über Mittel – und Südamerika, unter anderem über Zauberei, Hexenwesen und Indianersprache, außerdem eine wichtige Quelle zur Geschichte der Schokolade und des Kakaos. – "Gage originally belonged to the Dominican order, and served as a missionary priest in Mexiko, going out in 1625. He afterwards joined the Church of England, and wrote this work, the first to give the World a description of the vast regions from which all foreigners had been jealously excluded by the Spanish authorities. It is supposed to have incited the attacks on the Spanish territories and colonies during Cromwell’s time" (Cox II, 237). – Anfangs mit Randläsuren, Titel mit kleinem Einriß, etw. fleckig, gleichmäßig gebräunt.

Rare first German edition. – A detailed account of Central and South America, including magic, witchcraft, and the Indian language, as well as an important source on the history of chocolates and cocoa. – Some marginal tears at the beginning, title with small tear, somewhat soiled and evenly tanned. – Modern vellum with spine title.